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Recently started watching the Planet of the Apes prequel trilogy again and it got me into the mood to create my own fun ape character.

Had a lot of fun exploring the wrinkly skin of chimpanzees while also getting into fur grooming again after a while.
I and someone else who watched the movies together with me decided to name this guy "Kai" and we even went ahead to give him some battle scars as well (left eyebrow, upper and lower lip, left ear).
Overall, a really fun side project that also taught me some things about chimpanzees as well :)

Time taken: 3 days
Sculpted and retopologized in ZBrush.
Texturized in Substance 3D Painter.
Rendered in Blender.
Edited in After Effects and Photoshop.

First Test Render (Nightmare Fuel, I know)

First Test Render (Nightmare Fuel, I know)